Friday, May 27, 2011

Extreme Makeover - Goldfish Edition

We've been studying the behavior of our goldfish, Spongebob and Patrick (S&P) and observing their reactions to changes in their environment.  When we redecorated and added gravel, a plant and a castle, we noticed that S&P were more active.  They love to swim around and hide behind the plant and inside the castle.

When we turned off the lights, S&P became very still, and when we turned them back on, they started swimming again.  We're recording all of our findings in our science journals.


  1. Cece said : I'm sad that Patrick died we will miss him very much! :(

  2. Cece - I'm sad that Patrick died, too. He was such a sweet fish and he helped us learn so much! I especially liked when he swam in and out of the castle. I think we should remember Patrick with a smile...