Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

We had a fantastic trip to the Beardsley Zoo yesterday!  The weather was beautiful, the animals were playful and the bus ride was exciting.  We saw otters, peacocks, monkeys and prairie dogs.  Our favorite was the sleepy tiger who woke up to say hello with a few giant roars.  Thanks to all the parents who joined us for a super day!


  1. I love the class blog! The zoo pictures are great. It was a lot of fun going on the trip to the zoo with everyone. The animals put on a terrific show for us! I especially liked spending time with my 'ladies' --Sophie, Kimberly, Abgail and Madeline.
    See you soon,
    Ms. Clehane (Madeline's mommy)

  2. What a GREAT blog! And what a GREAT class! I love seeing the zoo pictures--it reminds me of how much fun everyone had! And I really enjoyed the Stinky feet math pictures! I am glad that you guys are having so much fun while you are learning! Thats because Ms Conway is such a great teacher! Keep up the good work! Have a great day everyone!
    Aj's mom.

  3. Dear Ms.Conway's Class,

    I think the picture of Sophie being an otter is very funny!! I hope to see you all soon!!!

    Yours truly,
    Sophie's big sister Delaney

  4. I love the zoo so so much! I love the bears so much!

  5. I like the zoo and the tigers .